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Poolaroids - the spirit of emotions

Searching for the right picture for your Pool room? Annoyed of cats
and dogs playing pool or annoyed of grainy photos with boring subjects?

Get a Poolaroids:

Billiard emotions on highend paper and aluminum, uv protection for
more than 40 years. No shipping fees! Every photo is crystal clear sharp
even on big fine art prints.

You can’t find the right size in the shop? Contact Markus @ for different sizes and materials
(Canvas prints and so on)
Posters starting at 27 Euro.
(Shipping included)

Poolaroids has contracts with all players (pictures are sold legal,
not like other photographers do) and he also makes sure that everything
is enviromentally friendly.


For the best Pictures online, please take the time and visit
Markus and see for yourself some of his incredible work.

This is just a little taste of what you will find there. Maybe if
you tell him if I sent you, he will throw me a small discount. lol







All prices incl. 20% sales tax!
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